New Uncharted 3 artwork details a 'typical London pub'

Drake and Sully cause trouble in the UK

We got a hint that Uncharted 3 might see Nathan Drake land in a spot of bother right here in the UK, and a new piece of artwork and a commentary by Naughty Dog artist Andrew Kim gives us more insight.

"The Pelican Inn is one of the first scenes you'll see in Uncharted 3, where Drake will toughen up his fists for the first time," says Kim, whose artwork has been accepted into the Pixel 2011 art exhibition yesterday.


"It's a compact space with mostly drunken brutes and hustlers. What a perfect place to start a brawl!

"When I was first introduced to this level, I was amazed at how a typical London pub has so many stories contained within itself. The mix of vibrant colours from the stained glass and muted colours of antique furniture with all kinds of stuff behind the bar, old frames, and personal messages on the wall... wow, I really could picture so many things that might have happened in this pretty small, compact space.

"We decided to give the pub a boxing theme, as it seemed a perfect fit to have Drake and Sully brawling in a small pub that has been historically patronized by boxers and boxing fans. It definitely was lot of fun decorating the place under that theme.

"I paid lot of attention to the details knowing that we wanted to show a very authentic looking pub yet very suitable for our game world."

For another peek behind the curtain, check out the Uncharted 3 mo-cap session video that arrived over the weekend.

[ SOURCE: PlayStation Blog ]