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Tesco kicks off Modern Warfare 3 pre-order frenzy

MW3 priced at £45 at superstore, pre-orders from midnight

Tesco is opening the floodgates for Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders from midnight tonight, and there's a neat little deal on the original Modern Warfare as part of the package.

The high-street superstore is pricing Infinity Ward's latest at £44.90 but is offering the original Modern Warfare (and still a favourite amongst FPS fans, despite following iterations) for £10.


That makes for a £5 saving on the game compared to when it's bought separately.

Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders have already been flowing in at Amazon according to the online retailer, which opened its gates before the game had even been officially announced.

Yesterday Activison made the confident claim that Modern Warfare 3 'will offer the most advanced multiplayer ever'.