Modern Warfare 3: No lead platform, says Infinity Ward

"Xbox 360 is running at same as PS3"

There's no lead platform for Modern Warfare 3 development, according to maker Infinity Ward.

The performance of Call of Duty games on each platform is closely scrutinised, and some PS3 owners have expressed concerns that Xbox 360 versions tend to get preferential treatment, but that isn't the case, says creative strategist Robert Bowing.

"We don't have lead platforms, we develop each version alongside each other," he said on Twitter. "Xbox 360 is running at same as PS3."


He also noted that PC "is the one platform that receives unique optimisations", and confirmed that the game will be "locked at 60 FPS which means it will never go below it, its can always go above 60 FPS".

Activision finally released the first proper footage of Modern Warfare 3 earlier this week, before promising it'll deliver "the most advanced multiplayer ever".

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]