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Modern Warfare 3 in London: Capitals get clobbered

First look: Infinity Ward shoots out cinematic showing

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The on-stage developers are almost caught boasting a grin as they load up the already Daily Mail-bating London mission, and the assembled press in the room set their notepad pens to maximum power.

The screen shows a top-down aerial view of the capital city, snapping and darting between various highlighted heat signatures patrolling a pair of dockside warehouses within view of Canary Wharf. They're SAS soldiers, and they're stealthily investigating the buildings to locate sensitive material said to be held up in a selection of trucks.

The camera shifts to reveal a group of unidentified hostiles overseeing the loading of a mysterious cargo, which we've got a hunch isn't their Ocado groceries.

Back down on the ground, the devs take control of SAS soldier Michael Burns accompanied by Wallcroft, who's voiced by Craig 'Ghost' Fairbrass, and previously seen in Call of Duty 4.


The SAS soldiers make their way through the buildings, using every manoeuvre and protocol in the Sam Fisher handbook, including a new door breach move involving a swift backward kick from the adjacent wall followed by a lobbed flash bang.

Van located, our boys perform the most violent breach yet, with a platter of gunfire splattering what turns out to be a mostly empty vehicle hold. As if half way through a 24 season, the SAS team has had its search annoyingly stretched out. The chase continues towards an underground garage further up the bank of the Thames, where it quickly becomes clear your enemies have an escape route; they're about to hijack a rusty, decommissioned tube train and take their dangerous cargo to Westminster.

Behind the wheel of a banged out jeep, ultimately (and you've seen this bit coming) the pursuit leads to the London Underground, through the tube system where the offending package has been transferred onto a speeding rail train.

Darting across the lines, dodging Jubilee Line trains and unloading weapons on the their armed passengers (Boris would be furious), the chase is as thrilling as any set-piece Infinity Ward's fired out of your television in the last two instalments.

With a split-second opportunity in reach, the SAS stunt drivers manage to clip the rear carriage of the train and send it violently spinning and crashing down the murky tube tunnels, before colliding with concrete columns in a hard-hitting animation that has every journalist in the room scribbling away.

There are certainly Hollywood action films that go closer to the bone than this, but going by the recent Newspaper coverage Activision's definitely ticked another box on the Call of Duty shopping list.

Modern Warfare 3, while admittedly not showing us anything revolutionary in this brief gameplay demonstration, is thrilling, impressive and by the looks of it, thoroughly entertaining to experience. And when you make shooters as spectacular as these guys, isn't more of the same an exciting proposition?

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