SSFIV: Arcade Edition PC gets online-only DRM

Games for Windows Live integration includes DRM restrictions

Capcom has confirmed that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will come equipped with online-only DRM restrictions in response to the "pirates and hackers that messed up leaderboards" on the PC version of SFIV.

"SFIV unfortunately was plagued by pirates and hackers that messed up leaderboards. To hopefully remedy that, SSFIV:AE will be making use of what is called SSA technology (similar to what we used in Dead Rising 2)," detailed Capcom boss man Christian Svensson.


Players will be forced to use (or create) a Games for Windows Live account, and will need to have a constant online connection to gain access to the full features of the game, and we're not just talking about the online features.

"Obviously there's no online play, access to replay channels or other online-centric features (and this is the part that keeps the online play secure from hackers or pirates)," explains Svensson.

But, more surprisingly, he adds: "You won't be able to save any progress in challenges or settings, won't have access to any DLC you've purchased and all local play will be restricted to 15 of the 39 characters."

On the plus side, there's no limit to the number of times you can install the game.

Capcom just recently confirmed that the game will be sold via Valve's online store, Steam, with pre-orders already up for grabs at a reduced price.