BioWare teases Dragon Age artwork

DLC or another sequel?

BioWare has popped a trio of mysterious Dragon Age artworks on Facebook and Twitter, under the cheekily suggestive headine: "Are those griffins?"

Griffins, in case you'd forgotten, feature prominently in the heraldry of the Grey Wardens, Dragon Age's secretive organisation of Darkspawn hunters. The shots could well be a prelude to a Dragon Age 2 DLC reveal, or even to formal confirmation of Dragon Age 3.


Lead designer Mike Laidlaw has also published them on BioWare's official forums, along with the note: "After all, there's been a lot of requests to explore areas outside of Kirkwall, and I agree that seeing some more of the Free Marches would be cool."

The developer announced that it was hiring for work on Dragon Age 3 earlier this month.