Reborn PSN will be 'more secure than the competition' - Avalanche

Just Cause 2 developer has "a lot of confidence" in Sony

Avalanche producer Andreas Thorsen has put his confidence in Sony's reborn PSN, saying he believes the new network will outdo the competition in terms of security following the now infamous security hacks.

Asked whether the security of the PlayStation Network was a concern considering the studio's latest project, Renegade Ops, is a download-only title, he told CVG:


"I haven't really thought about it in that way. I think the new system that they bring now will probably be even more secure than the competitors'. I don't think this is something that is unique to the PSN, it's just that this time it happened to them.

"I still have a lot of confidence in them," he continued, before pointing towards the studio's isometric, dual-stick blaster built with the Just Cause 2 engine. "I think PSN is a good target for this kind of game, I don't think it has that many games like this."

Thorsen went on to talk about how the PSN down time had effected the Avalanche team working on Renegade Ops, giving some insight into the blight of online developers over the past couple of months:

"One obvious problem was that we couldn't develop during that time. We had to stop PSN development while it was down," he said, conceding that delays have come as a result, with Renegade Ops being billed for a summer release.

Sony has today detailed a number of events to celebrate PSN's long-awaited return. Check them out and get involved.