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Metro 2033 sequel gets online multiplayer: Last Light first details

Combat and technology improved for THQ sequel

The first details on THQ's Metro 2033 sequel, Last Light have been confirmed.

According to IGN, the game will be a "direct sequel" to the original FPS.

Last Light takes place 20 years in the future, where survivors of an apocalyptic nuclear event still dwell in the relative safety of the Moscow metro system, while poisonous air and all kinds of mutant nasties rule the surface.

Each station is reportedly its own city state, housing the extreme ideologies of Neo Nazis and Communists, which are often causing conflict. You once again play as Artyom, a tortured soldier tasked with stopping a civil war in the Metro.

4A has promised to fix glitches, dodgy AI and stealth sections of Metro 2033 ("if you failed to execute your target and merely wounded them, every guard in the area would immediately be alerted and know your exact location") - whilst online multiplayer has been confirmed.

In the graphics department, the studio wants to push PC hardware and create "the best-looking game on consoles". IGN reports that it's witnessed "a chase scene on a train was particularly beautiful".

We'll have our very own detailed first impressions of the game with you later today.