Agent: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

We don't know a thing about Rockstar's Agent, not a sausage. That title shot, the one with a gun in the 'G', has been knocking around for some time now but, like a part-time interrogator trying to break Rambo with a feather, all we've got is a name.

It'd had almost gone off our radar until a tiny blip in the form of Take-Two's earnings call peaked our interest again. "It's still in development," said the suits and that was enough to get our head cogs whirring.

We've got a blank canvas here. We might have had a pretty good idea of what kind of package Rockstar would put together before L.A Noire, but things aren't quite so certain anymore. With the GTA publisher putting so much of an investment into Team Bondi's significant and successful new direction, we think there's an incentive for Rockstar to move into new territories with its own developments.

We're going to level with you, L.A Noire is still sitting neatly in our heads and it's certainly influenced the kind of thing we want to see come out of the old Rockstar Ranch in the future. We know MotionScan was a Team Bondi thing, but we don't think we can ever go back to life without it.


Even if there's no need to read every little flinch behind the eyes of our NPC suspects, the amazing facial tech adds so much to the experience by helping us to get completely immersed in the world.

Part of that package, though, is the way MotionScan tech allows developers to take full advantage of some brilliant acting talent. When we say we want MotionScan tech in Agent then, we want the stellar cast it was made for as well.

If there was one thing that L.A Noire had in abundance it was style. More importantly though it had a style and character that ran consistently deep throughout the world. From the telegraph poles on the streets, to the telephone books in the houses, everything was meticulously designed to deliver a certain experience.

The same goes for the people; there wasn't a character in the whole of 1940s Los Angeles that we found to be offensively generic. Everyone walked the line between genre favourites and cliché while avoiding stepping on the whole side. It was the main reason we had the urge to go back to the game world whenever we were stuck here in stupid real-life.

It's something Rockstar does well; while GTA hasn't had as much of a chance to boast it's inner style child too much, what with it being modern times in modern cities, Red Dead shows just how well Rockstar can nail the period pieces and L.A Noire proved it was no fluke.

Of course, Agent's style completely depends on what kind of agent we're talking about here. It'd be easy to assume Rockstar would go down the James Bond/Mission Impossible route, but we think a more sophisticated direction is possible.

The real-life of a secret agent isn't all explosions and women, you know? In fact it rarely is. We'd be more than happy if Agent was a lot more conservative than something like GTA and spent just as much time on investigation as it did flat-out car chases and fire-fights.

L.A Noire mechanics for clue finding and investigation could come in to play here but we've been there and done that. We'd rather seen gameplay that has us planting bugs, going undercover and using conversation trees to defuse situations or shun suspicion. We want to sabotage cars, break into buildings, snap photos and analyse intelligence.

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