CVG: Comments of the week

This is serious business...

A good amount of comments across a good spread of articles this week, that's what we like to see.

You know what we like to see more though? A story about gaming and celebrities. Why? Because more often than not it's a chance to rip public figures to shreds in hilarious fashion, which you savages invariably manage.

This time though, we have to say, you lot went a bit soft despite the obvious opportunity to taunt a C-lister for their size and glowing orange complexion.

It's just Hulk Hogan for heaven's sake. What's he going to do, hunt you down?

Bayonetta director fantasises about spin-off title

Cut to the chase and call it "Stabby Minge - Shotgun Legs" and we're gold.

boskersrevenge - Seconded.

L.A Noire MotionScan tech to extend to full body performance

I can see a future LA Noir on Kinect, I'll be sitting in the interrogation room opposite the bad guy trying to get a confession out of him. I will be speaking to him from my sofa, asking questions that he will react to (in both expression, mood & speech) and if he doesn't tell me what I want to know I'll stand up, grab him by his collar and throw him against the wall. If still nothing, I'll ask another officer to take the cuffs off and I'll fight him man to man to get a result.

Sorry about the aggression, it's that Monday morning feeling.

Got some issues there steve_2003?

PlayStation Network hack to cost Sony £106 million

Not that much then really. Just search down the back of a few sofas, and get a few buy one get one free deals while shopping and they'll have it back in no time. I found a quid and a strawberry Chupa Chup down the back of my sofa yesterday, so you can see it pays to look.

We found a human thumb El Mag. The lesson? Don't listen to El Mag.

Obviously they won't be able to get the whole 106 million back by just searching sofas and getting bargains whilst shopping. They'll also need to organise a bake sale and some kind of fun day involving punch and pie and a raffle with prizes. More people will come if there's punch and pie.

Queen Skillage - Secretary to CVG's bedroom analysts since 2009.

And we still treasure your services to this day Queen Skillage.

Daily Mail savages Modern Warfare 3 over '7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks'. Also, Cheryl Cole has cankles!

Alright, own up. Who is it that read the Daily Mail or went on the website to find this out?

JD_Method... Um... We were tipped off...Anonymously.

During the Summer months I suffer from a similar problem called thollocks.

It's where due to excessive sweating my thigh merges with another part of my body.

chunkyboymania - Eugh.

Cankles of Duty : Modern Footware for the win

And win it would Padua. And win it would.

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