Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3: Where do you stand?

Debate: Your thoughts on what we've seen so far...

Now that both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 have been officially revealed with a bang, it's time for that inevitable question. Which side do you stand on?

We're not looking for anything definitive here, don't worry, it's still early days and we all want to see more from each.


We haven't actually seen any console footage from Battlefield 3, for example, which will be a big decider for most, and we're going to need more than quick flashes of destruction from Modern Warfare 3 to declare any real allegiance.

However, what we've seen from Battlefield on the PC does look impressive and we're hoping the console version will have a pretty big impact on gamers as well.

And while we've only really seen cinematics from Modern Warfare 3, they are a Call of Duty hallmark. Anyone who does buy into the Modern Warfare series for some Hollywood spectacle certainly won't be disappointed if the first footage is anything to go by.

We've also had a fair bit of info on what kind of features we can expect, and perhaps a little too much as far as Infinity Ward's next is concerned, thanks to that massive leak earlier this month.

So, initial thoughts; where do you usually stand in the FPS war? Has either side done anything to make you consider defecting or are you simply desperate to get your hands on both?