Tales of Xillia gameplay video teases JRPG goodness

A glimpse of the next Tales game from Namco Bandai

Tales of Xillia is the next game in the Tales series in development exclusive for the PS3, and below is a nice gameplay video of it in action.

It's the first Tales game to star two main characters, 15 year-old male Jude Mathis and 20-year-old female Milla Maxwell, and is set in a land Liese Maxia in which spirits, demons and humans exist together.
The video gives you a peek at that world as the heroes explore, before engaging in battle and kicking ten shades of purple into a wolf and some blob thing. It also teases the pre-order-only Tales anniversary costumes up for grabs in Japan.

It's due to hit Japan on September 8. There's currently no Western release date.

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[ SOURCE: Via Siliconera ]