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Sony's new console: PlayStation Vita?

Domains and supposed leaked pics spark new rumours

Sony's PSP successor, currently known as the NGP (Next-Generation Portable), will be called the PlayStation Vita if new rumours are true. And we hope to heaven they're not.

Supposed leaked pictures of what looks like an NGP pamphlet shows the console with a 'PSVITA' logo dotted on the page as well as etched into the console below the screen.


Fanning those flames is the discovery of the domain name '', and what looks like a development website ''. Although that dev site makes mention of every current Sony platform except NGP.

It would seem very much like a placeholder name, if true at all, and as PS Lifestyle notes, there were domains to back up rumours that Sony's motion controller would be called 'Arc' before the platform holder confirmed it would be called 'Move'.

All will be confirmed a week from today when Sony spills the beans at its E3 press conference.

[ SOURCE: PS Lifestyle ]