Uncharted 3 beta detailed, dated

Nine modes and other details unleashed

Naughty Dog will kick off its anticipated Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta on June 28 for PS Plus subscribers, and July 4 for everyone else, it has confirmed.


Those dates come with a wealth of info on the taster, including word on the nine modes that will come with it. Six of them are, according to IGN, "Team Deathmatch, 3-Team Deathmatch (three teams of two face off), Team Objective (complete the assigned goals), Free For All (kill everyone), Plunder (capture the treasure), [and] High Stakes (gamble with your XP and cash)." The other three are co-op modes that Naughty Dog is keeping under wraps for now.

These include 5v5, 2v2v2 and up to eight-player games on two maps. One map's on an airfield and the other in a French chateau, both featuring dynamic evens such as attacking airplanes and collapsing buildings to keep players on their toes. Fly-throughs of both maps can be watched below.

The beta will pack four Power Plays - one-minute events that give the losing team a fighting chance at making a comeback - and eight Boosters (Call of Duty-style perks), all of which are detailed through the source link below.

The beta will run until July 13, and the player cap will be level 25. Who's excited?