FEAR 3 multiplayer video shows off Soul Survivor mode

Survive as a hero or succeed as a villain

Warner's sent over a new FEAR 3 multiplayer trailer showing off the paranormal shooter's Soul Survivor mode.

The publisher says: "Players of this mode will need to either survive as a hero or succeed as a villain. Each mode will begin with Alma-the powerful tortured psychic-choosing one player to be corrupted.

"Once that player has been chosen, they will be turned into a spectre, with the ability to possess enemies. It will be their goal to corrupt the remaining squad members before time runs out.

"If a player is corrupted, they 'switch teams' and their objectives to win the game will change. Players will need to work together to either escape the corrupted or band together to corrupt the remaining members."

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FEAR 3's set to release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in June. Last month, Warner launched a FEAR 3 multiplayer trailer detailing all of its multiplayer modes.