E3 2011's inside whispers exposed Pt.1

Top Secret rumours. Come and get 'em....

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Rumour: GTA V is based in real world Los Angeles, and features "incredible" actors and contributions from modern R&B/hip-hop stars.

CVG reaction: This is a particularly interesting one. We've heard the rumour that Rockstar's finest features a block-by-block real world depiction of modern day Los Angeles from more than one heavyweight source, and an E3 reveal in the very heart of the City Of Angels would be a real showstopper from Rockstar. (More on that through here).

Meanwhile, the amazing music line-up is reportedly on a par with anything Hollywood's managed to attract in the past few years, whilst the acting talent is the best ever seen in a video game. Step forward, Mr. De Niro?

However, the biggest question isn't whether the real-world L.A is part of the game, but whether Rockstar will choose to unveil it at E3 at all. For that to happen, the developer would likely have to choose a platform holder's conference to show off its killer title - but which will it be?


Rumour: Hideo Kojima will show his PS3 exclusive at Sony's E3 Conference... finally.

CVG Reaction: You may recall that we were expecting to see a new triple-A PS3 exclusive from Hideo Kojima at Tokyo Games Show last year - which failed to materialise.

We're told that it does still exist, it might (might) be Metal Gear Solid 5 (whatever Hideo might protest)... and that it's finally going to get its moment in the sun at Sony's conference in L.A next week.

And that's not all: We're told Kojima has more than one major title to announce over and above MGS: Rising. (Although we were informed of that before Hideo has his wobble on Twitter last week -"I cannot bear, and I cannot be positive" - so perhaps don't hold your breath.) We're certainly very intrigued to know what that video he's recorded is all about...


Rumour: Sony to make a "big deal" of new Quantic Dream adventure.

CVG Reaction:Yep, we've heard that one of David Cage et al's duo of new projects will be at E3, and will form a big part of Sony's offering on stage. And... that's about it. We've been told nothing other than it's an adventure game that is "clearly from the maker of Heavy Rain", but is quite different in tone. Still, s'nother exclusive, right?

Part 2 of our E3 rumour round-up will be on the site tomorrow. See you then, folks...

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