E3 2011's inside whispers exposed Pt.2

More Top Secret rumours. Come and get 'em.

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Rumour: Ubisoft announcing new additions to "two of its classic action series" - and they're not Assassin's Creed.

CVG Reaction:This one's from a very reliable, but very tight-lipped source. We'd place our chips on these duo coming from a pool of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Far Cry, Brothers In Arms or Prince Of Persia.

Far Cry 3 is already looking pretty likely, of course - so it's take your pick time from the rest... Wed definitely take a new Rainbow six in a new location, after Ubisoft brought us Vegas-based mayhem with its last two iterations in the franchise.

The French publisher's E3 conference is set for June 6. We'll be watching like hawks - and letting you know any new info as soon as we hear it...


Rumour: "Gigantic" Mass Effect online announcement coming.

CVG Reaction: According to the internets, a copy of Game Informer in April revealed that Mass Effect 3 would definitely not have multiplayer.

We've spoken to numerous industry sources who have somewhat put this in doubt, and are adamant that BioWare will have something "gigantic to announce when it comes to Mass Effect online". If it's not ME3 multiplayer, what could BioWare have up its sleeve?

We can be sure at least that the action RPG will have a giant presence at E3 2011, and that it will feature as a centrepiece of EA's conference. Could a non-single player announcement form a major part of the publisher's showcase on Monday, June 6? Tune in to find out...


Rumour: Digital Alan Wake title 'is not all Remedy has to present'.

CVG reaction: You didn't think an XBLA game was all everyone's No.1 Finland developer had been up to for the past year, did you? Remember that L.A Noire-beating tech the studio was so full of beans about earlier this year?

We anticipate we'll see more of it at E3. We've certainly been told that Remedy has something "triple-A" to show at the event, but Microsoft's not confirming nowt. Remedy boss Oskari Hakkinen might have said that the "next Wake instalment will not be Alan Wake 2", but that doesn't exactly tell us what may come after a digital release, does it?


Rumour: Sony has a new PS3 controller to show off.

CVG Reaction:Okay, we admit it - we're in pie in the sky territory here. But when we were told this earlier in the year by a UK trade source, he was deadly serious.

Our interest was piqued when Quantic Dream's David Cage told us in March: "I can clearly see how DualShock is the end of an era and we need to move to something else as an industry. I don't know if Kinect or Move are the ultimate answer. It's up to console manufacturers to bring [a new device]. But something will happen, hopefully soon."

It's a clear indication that some of Sony's biggest friends in the industry are ready for a new pad. Perhaps the 'break apart' controller rumoured in 2008 could become an unlikely reality? Or maybe Sony has something even more exciting up its sleeve. In under a week, all these agonising questions will finally find an answer...

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