E3 2011's inside whispers exposed Pt.2

More Top Secret rumours. Come and get 'em.

As if our first big batch of E3 2011 rumours wasn't enough, here we serve our second helping - hot and fresh out of the global games industry oven.

All of the below insider whispers have come from genuine trade sources, and all them have arrived with a degree of certainty. Some seem to make perfect sense, some would represent a big surprise... and some will drop jaws in Los Angeles should they come true:


Rumour: Heavenly Sword 2 will be revealed at Sony's conference - and Kratos is on his way back, too...

CVG reaction:We're pretty optimistic about these two, folks - they've been doing the rounds for weeks now, and from sources close to Sony. We'd love to see UK studio Ninja Theory make a major mark at the show by coupling its DmC (Devil May Cry) with a new announcement. We're big fans of the developer, not least for its great work on Enslaved last year, and a bit of E3 limelight would be well deserved.

Meanwhile, we hear that God Of War and Kratos are likely to gatecrash Sony's conference - but whether we're in God Of War 4 territory or otherwise is unclear...


Rumour: Respawn will NOT have any new games to show.

CVG reaction: Our certainty on this one comes as we wipe away a tear. We're sure EA Partners, who Respawn have signed with for their first project, have plenty of action to show off in L.A, but the first non-CoD project from Jason West and Vince Zampella won't be amongst them.

It's perhaps no surprise, with both ex-Infinity Ward chiefs and their publishing partner still embroiled in a multi-billion Dollar lawsuit with former employer Activision.

Rumours aside, we'll be looking out for any impromptu moments of Zampella/West/Kotick tenson in LA Convention Center hallways. It was Activision, if you'll remember, who "stormed" the Infinity Ward offices in March last year and kicked the duo out for "insubordination".

And it was Kotick who proclaimed that his former charges would "have a really hard time ever being productive or successful ever again". Oucha.

We're sure their decision to team up with arch competitor EA and create Respawn has nothing to do with Kotick's ire...


Rumour: Nintendo has a new console... and a new Mario.

CVG Reaction:Oh yes. The majority of Nintendo's conference on Tuesday, June 7 will surely be dedicate to Project Cafe, the firm's confirmed new home console. We've already shared with you what we know about that little piece of hardware - including the screen-within-a-controller setup that we're desperate to get a gander at.

But we've also heard another little whisper from our Ninty sources - that Super Mario 3DS won't be the only new Mario title to be shown off in Los Angeles. Could we be looking at a Super Mario Galaxy for the next, next generation?

Wii launched without one back in 2006. During the launch window, Nintendo's core fans only had the choice of Wii Sports and Wii Play, and updated GameCube titles Resident Evil 4 and Zelda: Twilight Princess - which eventually cost Nintendo in the loyalty stakes. Have they learnt their lesson this time?

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