Q-Games revealing three games at E3

PixelJunk shooter dev has been busy, it seems

Q-Games, developer of the PixelJunk series of games exclusive to PSN for PS3, has confirmed it's to show off three games at next week's E3 expo.

Posting via Twitter, studio founder Dylan Cuthbert said: "E3 coming up... it's exciting! Three of our games are at the show! That has to be some kind of record for a small company like Q right?"


The studio's most recent game was the brilliant PixelJunk Shooter 2, which arrived on PSN in March earlier this year.

The studio revealed one of its mystery projects as 'PixelJunk Lifelike' late last year when it released the below teaser video. Reports point to it being more of a PS3 visualiser rather than a game and it certainly looks to be so in the video.

As for the other two, it's anyone's guess but given the top quality of Q's past PSN-exclusive efforts, we wouldn't be surprised to see them turn up in Sony's E3 press conference on June 6. PJ Shooter on NGP tops our wishlist.

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[ SOURCE: Twitter ]