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The CVG Redesign - what we did and why we did it

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Moving to a our new look seals that deal and says we're not only comfortable but confident about our crusading, campaigning words, cheeky irreverent style and our overall editorial positioning This does not mean there'll be breasts on page three (though there soon will be a page three due to the wonders of pagination, coming soon!).

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


CVG has also moved to a sprite based system for its page loading and graphic array. While the technical details are relatively dull (unless you're a massive geek devotee of page load and web site efficiency). What this means in practice is faster page loads, a quicker site and less waiting for our stories. Win.

The finer points of design

For all its easy virtue, the three year old CVG design was starting to show its age, with an outdated left hand navigation, a cramped news box and a really busy home page which was way too congested.

  • The new design is simpler and much easier on the eye, allowing us to showcase our breadth of content (we post around 30-40 items during a normal day), with a long default main news box and all our review, previews, feature and interview pieces available via tabs at the top of the site 'above the fold'.
  • We've also moved to a new two column format like most modern news sites, with the main column reserved for our main content and the smaller column for additional promos, ads, info and offers.
  • A move to top navigation promotes consistency and frees up more space for the main column, allowing you to filter by channel as well as allowing many more sections within the main site.
  • The new look also addresses usability concerns with much bigger headlines and sub heads allowing the information to breathe or yell!.
  • For design aficionados, there's much better use made of negative space to divide up the content, plus a bunch of usability tweaks to make it easier to read.

The top box


Displays the last 15 items or around three days of headline content on the site, allowing you to catch up any highlights you may have missed.

  • The new panorama is much bigger and more striking than its predecessor, allowing bold, almost cover-style treatments for stories and allowing us to make a huge splash with our headlines and lead graphics.
  • We've also tried to make better use of content flashes, badges and icons to signpost our content by type and format (Interview, PS3 etc), so its easier to track down what's on offer and the things that are most relevant for you.

Media Improvements

We've incorporated a new video player in 16:9 format and will be making a much bigger deal about video, posting not only more video stories, but more original video content.

  • All screenshot images and screens are now in proper 16:9 widescreen ratio, allowing full column width treatments and picture led features.

The news box


News is at the heart of everything CVG does. Quite simply our aim is to be the best games news web site in the world and we hope the new design facilitates just that.

  • Bigger and bolder are once again the key ideas, allowing headlines, subheads and stories to leap off the page and demand your attention.
  • Most stories are presented in chronological order but hot or breaking news will also be 'pinned' to the top of the news box, allowing us to signpost what we feel are the most important stories happening right now.
  • Special promos will direct you to major events and special indexes where all the news, videos and media from a show or event will be listed on one handy page.


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