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The CVG Redesign - what we did and why we did it

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Community is extremely important to us and we want to make sure it's not only at the heart of the redesign but pretty much everything we do.

  • The new higher position for the Most Popular content box makes it easy to see what the CVG community are reading and the most popular stories, comments and screens are placed alongside our own selection at the top of the home page.
  • Comments are now displayed everywhere, on stories, promos and in the Most Popular box to help you join in the debate.
  • We've also added bigger avatar thumbnails to in-line comments, so it's much easier to see who's saying what and giving a bit more personality to your posts.
  • We've also tried to integrate all Social Media feeds so you can share or comment on our stories across popular Social Media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and N4G.

Game Home Pages

These have expanded to become proper content hubs, information centres where everything we've ever written or posted about a game from announcement to release to review and beyond to DLC is summarised in one handy location.

  • We'll also keep all the individual screenshots and movies here.
  • If you want to know anything about a game, simply head to its home page, it's a one-stop shop for everything we know about a particular title.

Article Pages


Our brand new article page, like the rest of the site, is designed to be much easier on the eye than its rather cramped predecessor

  • Sharing improvements start right at the top. If you like a story, article or feature we've made it much easier to show it some love.
  • Bigger pictures and video in 16:9 format.
  • Introducing pagination allows us to do much longer and more interesting features as well as shorter picture-led features and video articles, allowing our writers to tell a story through a sequence of connected pages.
  • Larger avatar: Reader avatars have become a lot bigger in the in-line comment section, allowing you to see at a glance who's posting and bring more personality to the section.

The CVG Redesign in Numbers

  • 418gb of screenshots resized
  • 4,206 videos converted
  • 187,005 article pages remade
  • 400+ cigarettes smoked
  • 7-12 Burger King big meals consumed
  • 25: endless design meetings
  • 2: number of good ideas from management
  • 20: number of people who said 'I know you're busy but...' one day before relaunch
  • 2: survivors of the great 'I know you're busy' massacre
  • 26: number of intravenous caffeine drips required during crunch
  • 80: cases of beer planned to be drunk post-redesign
  • 423 Coffees, teas, random beverages consumed during lead up to launch
  • 6: months taken from start to finish
  • 4: number in the core redesign team
  • 1: brand new site
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