Welcome to the new CVG

The CVG Redesign - what we did and why we did it

So here it is, finally, the new, improved CVG is in your hands (or more accurately your browser), proud to shake off its wrappings to stand tall, new born and naked before the world.

We hope you like.

Naturally everyone fears change, but we've remade CVG for many good reasons. Why does the new CVG look like it does - and what does it mean for the future of the site?

We thought we'd share some of the key ideas and decisions behind our thinking so you can get the full picture and better judge the finished article for yourself.

No matter how good we've tried to make it (and we've tried really hard), all redesigns are essentially a work in progress. We'll be applying further updates, tweaks and improvements during the weeks to come and beyond.

You can play your part, by leaving us feedback and ideas in the CVG Redesign Forum, reporting any bugs you might encounter and helping us iron out any glitches which may have crept into the system.

This is your site as much as ours - so let us know what you think of what we've made and how we can improve it. Lavish praise, constructive criticism and most likely, some generalised snark, are welcomed in equal measure. It wouldn't be CVG without a combination of all three.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John Houlihan - Editor in Chief

Our mission: 'News, media, comment and community'

Our editorial mission is a deceptively simple one to become the best gaming news site in the world, built around a core editorial policy of news, media, comment and community.

News is pretty self-explanatory, the best stories, the biggest exclusives and the latest word on gaming, fuelled by our insight and humour.

Media means both movies and screenshots, because that's what gamers enjoy looking at online. To help improve the experience, we'll be introducing not only a new video player which works across all digital platforms including mobile, but substantially improving our offering of original movies and trailers. We've also made some improvements to our screenshot viewer which we'll hope you like.

Gaming has always aroused strong opinions and we want to make CVG a home for comment and opinion on the net. CVG's own expert opinion, plus the industry's biggest players and of course you, our readers, who often provide some of the keenest insight and pithiest viewpoints in both forums and article comments.

Finally, we hope we've dramatically improved our community offering over the past year with a new forum and comments system, but there's plenty more to come. While there's not any huge headline worthy developments in this latest redesign, we have included a what's popular box right at the top of the sites, so you can see what's popular with readers as well as our own. We've also added bigger avatars in comments to personalise the comment space. There's further exciting things in the pipeline coming soon. Watch this space.

Our new look


The first major change you'll notice about CVG's layout is that it's gone red top and we've consciously adopted this new masthead to reflect our editorial values and the way the site has developed over the past 18 months.

This is by no means dumbing down but embracing the populist, accessible, investigative, campaigning side of games news and most of all, becoming an essential resource that devoted gamers return to every single day. We want to make CVG a goldmine of gaming info, so that you can never take your eyes (or your RSS reader) off it, in case you miss something vital.

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