First Soul Calibur 5 screen revealed

Pyrrha and Mitsurugi square off

A screenshot of the latest entry in Namco Bandai's weapon-based fighting game Soul Calibur has appeared online, showing off one of the title's new characters.

The screen - which teases an upcoming cover story in EGM - features a blonde haired female character that looks strikingly like Sophitia. The lass is actually Pyrrha, the daughter of Sophitia and Rothion Alexandra and sister to Patroklos.

Namco Bandai has said the siblings represent a new era in the Soul Calibur narrative and will be the focus of the game's story.


The back of another character can also be seen, and judging from the stance as well as the weapon we're guessing it's wandering samurai Mitsurugi, who seems to have aged quite a bit from the look of his grey hair.

The Soul Calibur development team has told Japanese mag Famitsu that the game is just ten percent complete, but that 'fans will be incredibly impressed' with the final product.