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First Dirt 3 DLC is for a good cause

Available on Xbox Live and Windows Marketplace, awaiting PS Store revival

A new Dirt 3 DLC pack is now available on Xbox Live and Windows Marketplace.

It's called the Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack and marks the start of weekly DLC drops. This first pack is particularly special because all profits will go to charity (as you might have guessed).

It'll set you back 160 MSP and features a Ford Escort Mk II, which is the iconic 1970s Rally car made famous by Colin McRae. You'll also get five liveries for your troubles.

The weekly downloadable content to come will feature new cars and tracks.

The PlayStation version of the DLC will be priced at £1.19 but is obviously being held back due to the PlayStation Store being currently offline.

To mark the start of the Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack, Codemasters has also released this Dirt 3 dev diary:

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