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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DS review - 82% in NGamer

New mag out today with exclusive verdict

The first review of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D has arrived, via issue 63 of NGamer magazine, which lands in stores today.

The in-depth verdict declares that Mercenaries "has depth that you're not going to appreciate until you've gone through it again and again.


"It's not just about the unlockables - it's about developing a combat style and refining it until you're acing every level and itching for the next encounter with the chainsaw horrors you used to run from," the mag says.

And it concludes by slapping a tidy 82 percent on the game. For the full review, nip down to your local news emporium or hit the link to buy it online and have it delivered to your door.

Other highlights of the issue include a look at the truth behind the rumours surrounding the imminent announcement of 'Wii 2' (or Project Café, or Project Butterfly, or Nintendo Stream... whatever, you know what we mean), and the first verdict on the finished version of Ocarina Of Time 3D.

Plus there are reviews of the latest games on 3DS, Wii and DS, and a delicious hot buffet of features for you to choose from: the best minigames, Nintendo's patents explained, what it would be like if Nintendo did Achievements, the Nintendo holiday brochure, and a whole load more besides.

NGamer will also be live-tweeting Nintendo's E3 presentation on Tuesday at, and inviting you to play along with their downloadable E3 bingo card. Check back tomorrow for details on where to get your card for the hottest game of the conference.