Sega sends CVG Aliens Pulse Rifle

Postie strategically turns up after Colonial Marines announcement...

CVG's postman turned up within an hour of Sega's big Aliens Colonial Marines "re-announcement" this afternoon to deliver us something special... an actual Pulse Rifle.

Well, when we say "actual" what we really mean is "mental Nerf gun".

As you can see from our snaps below, the Pulse Rifle replica is incredibly detailed, with detachable ammo clip (which can be loaded with Nerfs), laser sight and pump-action grenade launcher (no grenades included)

In case you missed it, Sega re-announced Gearbox's Colonial Marines this afternoon, with a new look confirmed for next week's E3 showing in Los Angeles.

Choose your weapon

Colonial Marines is set to feature "authentic environments" from the famous sci-fi movie series, including the surface of LV-426 and Hadley's Hope, Sega says in the new announcement.

Weapons inspired by the film series are also promised, and Sega says it will provide "an exhilarating and engaging new chapter in the Aliens universe".

"Gearbox Software are doing a brilliant job translating the thrill and horror that Aliens stands for into an action-packed shooter experience with co-operative gameplay at its core," Sega said of the announcement.