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Sega officially details Sonic Generations 3DS

New levels, bonus items, versus play and StreetPass

Sega has put the official stamp on Sonic Generations for 3DS with official details released today.

Pretty much confirming what had been previously reported from a Nintendo Power feature that hit the net, Sonic Generations on 3DS will feature "new stereoscopic 3D levels designed exclusively for the handheld console".


The game will also don an exclusive unlockable 'Special Stage', and will use the machine's StreetPass feature to let you "collect new content and unlock bonus material" as you stroll passed other 3DS owners.

The 3DS version will also include a two-player versus mode that lets you "battle it out", which is a little unspecific. Previous reports suggest it will be a race mode, as you would expect.

"Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS follows the same storyline as the previously announced platforms, with Sonic and his friends pulled back through time due to a mysterious new power which is causing chaos throughout the universe by creating strange 'time holes'," explains Sega. There are as yet no screenshots of the 3DS version.

3DS, 360 and PS3 versions will be on shelves and ready to be rubbed on the bodies of happy Sonic fans from November.