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CVG: Comments of the week


It's a big one this week folks!

Think of it as a warm-up to E3 because, if we're going to be working like machines around the clock, we expect you lot to put in the hours as well and give us no choice but to put together the biggest Comments of the week ever next week.

Scribbling down the length of funny sentences below has gotten us nice and nimble (thanks for asking), it's time you lot got a-readin' in preparation for the biggest week of your lives.

Consumer watchdog slams Aussie game retailers

Is it true that Aussie games manuals are written upside down and you have to put the disc in their consoles the wrong way round?
Whilst singing Waltzing Mathilda?

That's racist rbt2. Racist and false. The worst kind of racist.

Yes, yes it is all true. Now come here so we can put on your special jacket that ties up on the back which lets you hug yourself and place you back in your nice room with pillows for walls. That's a good little solider.

That's patronising G_R7. Who else needs disciplining around here?

Sony's new console: PlayStation Vita?

I'll wait for the Vita Lite.


Boom! Budly Moore opens to pun-gates.

I fancy a Vita that, I must say!


Whoever came up with that name is soon to be fired!

They better update their curriculum vita.


I've just read on another site that there are going to be a number of different versions. One is made from crisp-bread, that one is called the Ry-vita.

I'll get my coat.


I want some of that PS Ryvita with some butter and jam plz


Wake up in the mornin' wanting some breakfast,
Which margarine do you put on your to-o-oast?
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh Vita lite - that's right!





Hackers threaten more Sony online attacks

More astonishing breaking news.

Another hacker group called GigglezNstuff have teamed up with WeNoCDemBoobiez to bring down Mrs Smith from number 42. GigglezNstuff has taken credit for the attack of hiding her wheelie bin and stealing her milk a week ago. They have brought in WeNoCDemBoobiez because his parents are on holiday and he can stay out past 9pm.

GigglezNstuff wrote this message on Twitter "Phase 1 was a success, she couldn't drink her tea or have cereal without her milk. Shortly phase 2 will begin, it'll need to be after my homework and bath though. We fight for everybody who has ever had a ball go over next doors fence and the mean old lady won't give it back!"

UPDATE - He wrote 15 minutes ago "Got grounded. God i hate my mum, she always said Jeff was her favourite and why can't i find a nice girl and get a shave and have a bath. Well i'll show her, i hid her best shoes HA the fun will never stop!"

Oh El Mag. You slay us.

Dear FBI,

Hunt the scum down, drag them into the street and shoot them in the head.

Best wishes,

The rest of humanity.

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