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Future 3D-enabled NGP: 'Never-say-never' - Yoshida

'Never-say-never for the future', hints SCE boss Shuhei Yoshida on possible update

When Nintendo announced the glasses-free 3D feature of its new handheld, gamers wondered if Sony would follow suit with the PSP 2. It didn't; NGP has a larger 2D-only screen. But that may change in future.

That's according to hints from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, who told Edge that the firm opted for a bigger screen for the portable instead of 3D "at launch", but teased "never-say-never for the future". And not in a Justin Bieber voice.

"Our studio worked very closely with hardware groups to design NGP, so we looked at every single component in terms of choices of display. We could have had 3D stereoscopic display instead of a 5-inch OLED - there's pros and cons - and obviously we decided to go with the latter," he said.


"But we knew that those [3D] display technologies would advance every day, every month. And especially the naked-eye stereoscopic technologies - it's such an early technology, that's going to advance very quickly and people will see it adapted in tablets and smartphones," added Yoshida.

"Our decision was based on what it we're trying to create in terms of robust gaming experience, without the additional cost of goods to provide the naked-eye stereoscopic 3D. So never-say-never for the future, but for the launch of NGP our choices were based on what we believe the best choice was for us."

Sounds like a hint of a possible hardware update to us, but when pressed further, Yoshida replied: "Never-say-never! 3D is a big effort on the console side, we work with the Bravia team. The technique to use stereoscopic 3D by console developers is getting better and better. So as the content providers get familiar with 3D, I hope more people see the value in that... for consoles [laughs]."

Yoshida told CVG this week that he could 'spend 30 minutes' talking about the mistakes it made with the PSPgo - the smaller screen being one of the main ones - which influenced its choices with the design of the NGP.

Check out the full interview through the source link.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]