New Skyrim gameplay details slip out

13 types of ore!

New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details have emerged, covering everything from wielding options to the 13 different types of ore in the game (yes, 13).

The info comes via OPM in the US, which offers some tactical info on fighting dragons; if you injure it, it won't be able to fly meaning you can fight the beast on the ground (where man is much more comfortable).


We've seen Skyrim in the flesh, so have a look at our detailed account before you read the rest, which is summarised on NeoGAF:

Three new Dragon Shouts are also described:

- "Yol Toor": Fire Breath
- "Iiz Slen": Ice Crystals
- "Strun Bah Qo": Lightning Storm
- Slow Time
- Whirlwind Spirit (quickly move in one direction)

In combat, torches are now also able to be used as a weapon. The possible dual-wielding combinations are:

- Weapon and weapon
- Weapon and shield
- Weaon and torch
- Spell and weapon
- Spell and shield*
- Spell and torch*
- Torch and shield*
- Spell and Spell
- Two-handed weapon

*These aren't mentioned, but it makes sense they'll be in, too.

The random quests generated by the game's Radiant Story-mechanic were inspired by the random encounters in Fallout 3. The people at Bethesda didn't like how 'fake' some of the quests in Oblivion felt, and hope to make the ones in Skyrim feel more 'real'.

There are 13 different types of ore to be used for your Crafting/Smithing skill. There's also an unfortunate casualty: Hand to Hand has been removed.

There are 60.000 lines of recorded dialog in the game, with a lot more voice actors than in Oblivion or Fallout 3 (for reference: Fallout 3 had 40.000 recorded lines). Three new factions are also confirmed (alongside the Dark Brotherhood):

- The Thieves Guild
- The College of Winter Hold (for Mages)
- The Companions (for Warriors)

The stories told in these faction questlines will be interwoven with one another, and with the main questline.

Each city in the world has an unique economy, which the player can sabotage, should they so desire. Cities are still patrolled by guards, but they're no longer the omniscient killing machines they were in Oblivion. Bounties the player can incur are also no longer valid throughout the land: for instance, if you kill someone in Hold A, the guards in Hold B will not arrest you for it.

As for traversing the world, you get a few options. Horses are back, and according to the article actually handle like horses this time. The fast-travel system from Morrowind returns as well, with carriages able to transport you to all the major settlements in Skyrim right from the start. Oblivion's fast-travel also returns, but only for locations you've already discovered.

There are also new screenshots described, though I haven't seen them for myself yet. These include a battle with a Draugr, a campsite near a river, a new type of fire spell, a female human character walking towards a city, a close-up of a female (possibly Imperial) warrior, a guard in Legionnaire armor and a bearded Nord in a castle, armed with a Warhammer.