New Rainbow Six details leak?

Grittier story, focus on tactics and stealth rumoured

The long-rumoured new Rainbow Six game will tell a contemporary tale based in New York.

That's according to Kotaku sources, who claim it'll feature a home-grown terrorist group fed up with the greed of Wall Street.


"The game will in many ways be a departure from the sameness found in Rainbow Six: Vegas and its sequel, and a return to what helped separate the shooter from others of its ilk," the site reports.

It points out that the original Rainbow Six was a more tactical game focused on stealth rather than weapons, and says players of the new title will have to build a team and pick their equipment before embarking on a mission.

"While the gameplay is based on some classic Rainbow Six mechanics, there is a cover system that takes you out of the first-person perspective and into the third," Kotaku continues.

"A new icon-rich graphics style helps to highlight members of your team during a mission and other pertinent information."

It will also be a far more story-driven game than previous iterations of the series, say the site's sources.

"The game is meant to take a step in a different direction, telling a bigger, much more gritty cinematic story than previous versions of the game."

Ubisoft declined to comment when contacted by Kotaku.

We've been told Ubisoft's planning to announce new additions to "two of its classic action series" at E3 next week. Check out more hot rumours in our E3 2011's inside whispers exposed feature.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]