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Sony: 5 best E3 moments

Our most memorable moments from the PS3 platform holder...

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It had been one of the biggest sellers in 2001 so for Sony to scoop up console exclusivity a year later was another big win for the company.

It had wider implications for years to come as well, with many attributing it as a heavy contributor to the long-term success of the PlayStation 2.

Of course, if you cast your mind back or read our feature on Microsoft's best E3 moments (what are we saying, you've read it twice) you'll know the GTA exclusivity shifted somewhat towards Sony's rivals with the coming of GTA IV.

Not totally, of course, and up until then Sony was reaping the benefits of hosting Rockstar's famous franchise.


In our feature on Microsoft's best E3 moments, we talked up the anticipation and the explosion of excitement when Halo 2 came to town. For PlayStation, Metal Gear Solid 2 was very much the equivalent.

The reveal of course came courtesy of Konami but the footage the publisher brought to the shoe was a massive win for Sony.

Not only was it the first look at a follow-up to a new gaming sensation it really showed off what the PlayStation 2 was capable of. The unveiling floored onlookers, who were given just enough time to dust themselves off before being told what they had seen was in-game. Down they went again.

With the Dreamcast off to a rocky start, and Sony announcing a North American release date for the DVD ready PS2 at the Expo itself, the glorious Metal Gear Solid 2 saw Sony take another stride ahead in the opinion polls.

Check out that rain.

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