F1 2011 has 'all the features fans wanted' - Codies

You'll feel compelled you need the next game, says dev

Codemasters has claimed that it has included "all the features that people have wanted" in its beautiful racer F1 2011.

Speaking to CVG at a pre-E3 reveal, chief game designer Stephen Hood argued that this year's F1 instalment isn't like other annual game updates.


"I'd say [this year's game] completely stands on its own in comparison to the other game. I by that I mean sometimes you get the sequel to a title and you go, 'there could be a reason to purchase the new one, I'll see how it goes'. But now I think there's so much content in the new one, it makes you feel compelled that you need the next game," he told CVG.

According to the Codies man, the fans asked for two-player split-screen and co-op in the next stage from F1 2010 - and the developer has listened.

He added: "Every area I look at, right down to the handling, which I think is actually the most important thing because it's the core of the game, feels completely different," he said. "It's more enjoyable to drive the car and I gets more of the things I wanted out of the game which is the strategy, the consistency...

"And it plays into all of the new multiplayer features as well like playing in co-op, seeing your friend online in the garage and competing against him... all of the stuff that we really wanted to do for the start of the series is starting to come true now."

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