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Xbox World's E3 Top 10

#10: Everything else

So we're packed and ready to go - here's the last of Xbox World's 10 stages of E3 excitement-causers. Today: EVERYTHING ELSE!

Q. So what's left to get your gamer juices thumping through your veins? What are you most looking forward to?

Q: Such as?
They wouldn't be surprises if we could answer that. To be fair, we can't recall an E3 which had quite so many early bits of WHOPPING news slipping out in advance as this one, so unless there's going to be a fair few completely unpredictable, mind-blowing announcements on the cards, we may just have a tiny inkling of regret for packing our Call of Duty-branded pyjamas and travelling all that way. When it comes down to it, it's the new stuff which remains behind the curtain until the showfloor is full which makes any games expo worthwhile.

Q: But you must have some ideas brewing as to what might be behind the curtain?
Hmmm, a few. We can imagine a gigantic GTAV logo causing the assembled journos to fall silent and all turn their heads as one. Far Cry 3 is due a sudden reveal, ditto the Halo HD remake of course... Everyone on the team could come up with at least ten things they'd like to have announced (shut up about a new Ghostbusters where you get to drive Ecto-1, Roberts), but until we're there, it's all so much dreaming.

Q: Well, go forth and celebrate the World of Xbox!
And the other consoles, of course. We're not blind fanboys, and we can't wait to see what Ninty and Sony have in store for us to take on as well. Wii 2, here we come!

Q: I hope you choke on your nunchakus, turncoat!