More GTA V evidence emerges - but is it set in real-world LA?

Retailers list new instalment as speculation grows

Retailers have listed a new Grand Theft Auto game ahead of the E3 announcement spree next seek.

According to images posted on NeoGAF, US retailers have begun listing 'GTA V' along with Resident Evil 6 and others for Xbox 360 and PS3.


The listings of course fit in with rumours that the fifth numbered instalment in Rockstar's crime series will be shown at the expo, and will take place in real-world Los Angeles, with actual, named landmarks filling the streets.

As well as a series of job ads posted last year for what sounded very much like the next chapter in the GTA universe, analysts have suggested that the title is "well into development".

Wedbush man Michael Pachter said last year: "We fully expect the next instalment of Grand Theft Auto to be released by Q4:12 at the latest, as the company's contracts with the three employees most instrumental in the game's development (Les Benzies, Sam and Dan Houser) expire in January 2012."