Metal Gear Solid Rising: 'Something big' coming, says boss

Konami president explains E3 no-show

Konami President Shinji Hirano has explained the lack of Metal Gear Solid: Rising info at its pre-E3 press conference, telling fans to expect "something big" at the end of the year.

Speaking to G4TV after the Konami showing, which saw the announcement of the MGS HD Collection, Hirano promised more info on the elusive title will arrive in Winter.


"The reason why we didn't mention information on Rising at this moment is because we are making something big and that is coming for this winter season," he said. "So please everybody expect to see something new for Rising this Winter season."

The news correlates with recent reports that Rising could release as late as November 2012, and word from Raiden voice actor Quinton Flynn that he doesn't even know what's going on with the spin-off.

Rumours have even begun to circulate online that the game could have switched developers away from Kojima Productions' new upstart team. Beyonetta dev Platinum Games was one possible name brought up in the forums, but of course this is all very much speculation for now.