Wii 2 to be simply named 'Nintendo'?

Short and sweet

People call it Wii 2. Or Wii HD. Rumours claim Nintendo is calling it 'Project Café' internally. But Nintendo's next home console isn't likely to be called any of those.

Today's rumour, however, is that the firm may opt to go with a more basic naming ethic and simply call the machine: 'Nintendo'. That's according to whispers in the ears of Game Informer folk.

According to previous reports, Nintendo is said to be batting around a number of names for the console, one in particular being 'Stream', presumably relating to the console's supposed ability to stream entire games to the screens on its controllers. But these are rumours built on rumours - Nintendo is yet to reveal, or even hint at, anything.


We can remember simply referring to the NES (Nintendo's first console) as our 'Nintendo' when we were kids, but back then there was only one Nintendo machine. Now there are several, which could make for some confusing conversations.

It'll be the Nintendo Nintendo. Why not? We are talking about the firm that named its mascot Mario Mario.

All will be revealed on Tuesday.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]