Video: Our E3 team preview the week ahead in LA

GTA V, hardcore Kinect games, new Hitman, new Wii..

This morning CVG's E3 hitmen checked in to let us know what they're excited about seeing in Los Angeles this week. Watch all of the excitement via the video below.

Writers from our sister publications including Ben Wilson and Tim Clark from Official PlayStation Magazine, Neil Long from Official Nintendo Magazine and Jon Hicks from Official Xbox Magazine, contributed to the "banter" (they look a bit jetlagged).

And even for hardened games journos you can see the excitement in their jet-lagged eyes as they reel off their personal expectations for the show to come - stuff like Bioshock Infinite, Hitman Absolution, the new Wii and more "hardcore" Kinect titles.

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The big question is, raised by two editors here - will we really see a new GTA V this week? And will it be set in LA?

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