Microsoft E3 conference to face Apple competition tonight

Jobs to reveal iOS5 and iCloud at World Developers Conference

Gaming heads are firmly pointed towards the horrific mix of E3 pleasure and pain about to hit us this afternoon, starting with Microsoft at 5pm BST.

But there's another big hitter ready to knock announcements out of the part tonight. In fact, it just so happens to be one of Microsoft's biggest rivals.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be at the World Developers Conference tonight to kick off his company's conference at 6pm BST - only an hour after Microsoft's presser.

Apple has confirmed that Jobs' keynote will contain details on iOS 5, the next major iteration of the firm's mobile platform software.

The keynote will also contain details of a new iCloud service and, if you ask us, would be the perfect time to make some surprise games related announcements considering what's going on in L.A.

It's holding the press conference during E3 for a reason. Stay tuned.