Do we really want a real-world GTA V?

Debate: Industry gossip points to Rockstar recreation

In and around the Los Angeles Conference Centre the final hours are ticking down before the big guns start to fire. As you read this Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all stockpiling their ammo before they shock and awe their adoring public.

It's looking increasingly likely, meanwhile, that at least one of the big three will get the chance to have the glorious letters 'G, T and A' emblazoned on the gigantic screens behind them.

Furious nodding, nudging and sly winks from CVG sources suggest that the new GTA will be a break from tradition - moving the series away from the fictional America of Los Santos, Liberty City and Vice City.


The word on the street is that GTA V will feature a block-by-block recreation of the City of Angels, alongside a cast of music and film stars that obliterates anything yet seen in the series - or indeed in video-gaming.

Do we honestly want the True Crime approach though? It was fairly clear throughout GTA IV that Rockstar was nodding towards the West Coast - with Los Santos (formerly GTA's Los Angeles) being referenced through Vinewood C***s and various character conversations - but no-one predicted this.

The issue is that if Rockstar are ditching Vinewood, Rodeo, Santa Maria and Verona Beach for the real world's Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Santa Monica and Venice Beach then it means that so much else that makes GTA great could go out with it. The tongue-in-cheek humour, daft commercials and colourful art-style could also be compromised in favour of a potentially new and grittier angle.

So what do you reckon? Are you open to hard-nosed change, or do you pine for sillier GTA antics and radio phone-ins about haemorrhoids?

Oh, and keep this in mind... what if GTA V were announced at the Nintendo conference for Project Café? It's just as likely as the others, and poor old Link and Mario would probably shit a brick.