World's first Halo 4 screenshot: What do you think?

Zoomed in, what's your early verdict?

As we just noted, some of Microsoft's biggest E3 2011 announcements have leaked online, courtest of... erm, Microsoft. They include the long-awaited Halo 4 - complete with the below screenshot.


MS only posted a thumbnail, but in this zoomed-in version, we can clearly see what appears to be Master Chief himself making his long-awaited return to the franchise - in a shot that seems to lead on nicely from the end of Halo 3. And is that Cortana we see?

What are your early thoughts, readers? Does it hint at a direction for the series you were hoping for?

Microsoft's E3 press conference is due to begin at 5pm UK time. We'll be reporting live on everything you now already know.