Kinect Fun Labs out tonight - Mass leak

Motion mini-games set to be available through Kinect Hub

A Kinect Fun Labs video has snuck online, via the massive Microsoft leak that's just exploded all over cyberspace.

The suite of motion mini-games are described as "a permanent addition to your Kinect hub" and going by the leaked video four of them will be made available tonight.

The first game, 'Build a Buddy' allows you to "scan any object that you love and play with it in an all-new way". The leaked video shows a plush toy scanned into the game, similar to Microsoft's original 'Project Natal' concept video.

Another game, Googly Eyes, lets you scan more objects and stick some eyeballs on them. Kinect Me lets you build an Avatar by taking a picture of yourself and finally Bobble Head, as expected, lets you make a little Bobble Head out of your picture.

Others games include Kinect Sparklers, which has you drawing in the air with your hands and then sharing 3D videos with your friends.

See the video below.

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