Crytek's Codename Kingdoms becomes Ryse

MS shows gorey action game for Kinect

Microsoft's re-revealed Crytek's "Codename Kingdoms", which now goes by the name Ryse.


Microsoft showed off a trailer for the title at its E3 press conference, depicting an age of Roman warriors and footage of a player stabbing, punching and headbutting opponents with the Kinect sensor.

We'll have media for you shortly. We wonder if they'll put in any sexy mini-games?

Here's some official info from a just issued press release: "Be the warrior in this cinematic, visceral, action-packed experience that brings ancient Rome to life through the stunning visuals and innovative gameplay that Crytek is famous for. Ryse defines what's next on Xbox 360 by creating a truly immersive experience that only Kinect can enable."

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