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Apple WWDC: 'Game Center beating Xbox Live'

Achievements announced for iPhone; game platform revamped

Apple has claimed that its Game Center has already outstripped the popularity of Xbox Live.

Speaking at the firm's Worldwide Developers Conferece (WWDC) in San Francsico today, Scott Forstall gave an update on the service with some landmark figures.


Calling Game Center "the most popular gaming platform on the planet", Forstall revealed that there were more than 100,000 game and entertainment titles now available in the App Store.

But as Microsoft's E3 conference moved forward at E3 in Los Angeles, he also had a message for Apple's competitors in the gaming space.

"In just nine months we have 50 million Game Center users," he said. "To put that into perspective Xbox Live has been around for about eight years and they have around 30 million users."

As we reported in our live blog of the event, Forstall also revealed that Achievement points would be coming to Game Center, as the platform becomes more social. You'll be able to see what friends - and what friends of friends - are playing, and how well they're doing on your favourite games.

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