NGP officially named Vita, details revealed

Sony finally spills the beans on its successor to PSP

It's official; the NGP will from this moment forth be known as the Vita. Sony confirmed as much during its E3 2011 press conference today. The show is ongoing.

Did the console's name come as a surprise? Rumours had heavily suggested the new portable would be called Vita, with domain names kicking off the first speculation, which were later backed up by HTML code found on Sony's E3 website and 'PlayStation Vita' trademarks found online today.


Hit refresh for more details as we update below:

AT&T is the exclusive carrier for Vita's 3G connection and Wi-Fi hotspots across US.

Cross game chat is possible over the internet using a new 'Party Room' feature.

The console has the 'PSVita' insignia below the screen. Looks like those leaked pictures were dead real. There's currently no explanation for the name.

The handheld will connect with PS3 in three key ways; cross-platform multiplayer, cloud saves and content sharing.

Cross-platform MP: WipEout 2048 will feature 8-player multiplayer across PSV and PSP.

Cloud saves: New action RPG Ruin will save your progress to a cloud so you can pick up where you left off on a PS3 version.

Content sharing: ModNation Racers on PSV will let you use user-created courses from the PS3 version.

The Wi-Fi-only model will cost a whoop-inducing $249 (249 Euros).

The 3G/Wi-Fi version will cost $299 (299 Euros).

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