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Wii 2: It only does everything... and more besides

Los Angeles is alive with the sound of Nintendo

As Microsoft whipped the skirt off its all-new Halo trilogy this morning in L.A, it was just a quiet whisper.

A few hours later, as Jack Tretton offered his sincere apologies to gamers everywhere, a murmur had begun to spread amongst the amassed hordes.


And tonight in the City Of Angels, on the tipsy streets of Sunset and amongst the dour drunkards of Downtown, it's practically a virus. E3 is alive with the sound of Nintendo. And how its latest innovation is to do everything. No, seriously. Everything.

What do you want the fabled Wii 2 controller to do? You might want a big fat touch screen, like an iPad-sized beast come to gaming life. As we suspected, it does that.

(And we might just mean iPad-sized - we've been told it can rival Apple's 10 X 8-inch tablet for clout, but is even lighter.)

But what about dual sticks; a factor that many leading core game developers demand in order to bring their best to a handheld console?

Yep, it does that.

What of shoulder buttons; a staple of modern Xbox and PlayStation controllers, as well as Nintendo's history - but not something that immediately springs to mind when we're in tablet territory?

You've guessed it.

So surely, it stands to reason, there's no motion control; no sophisticated gyroscope or the kind of movement-reading that's fuelled Nintendo's most recent runaway success?

We're afraid there is.

You see, we're told that when Nintendo came to decide on which of these recent hallmarks of the games industry it wanted to throw into its new console, it simply said: "All of them."

Los Angeles is rife this evening with talk of Nintendo's new baby, set to be unveiled in ten hours in Hollywood.

And with some certainty, a picture is beginning to emerge of the intriguing control device that some are saying will change the face of the industry.

It has dual sticks, it has motion control and it has shoulder buttons - and it boasts a big tablet-style touch screen. Much more importantly for Nintendo's fortunes, tiddly industry execs across the district literally can't stop themselves from talking about it.

One development source told us that it would be "outside of current thinking" to create a game where two people could each use one of the controllers at the same time in the same room... which is why Nintendo's newest oddity will work alongside Wiimotes.

Yep - the waggly wands are going nowhere when it comes to Wii 2.

The power of the machine is up for debate. Some say its innards surpass even PlayStation 3, others disagree - but the consensus seems to be that it certainly outpowers Microsoft's 360.

It sounds bizarre. It sounds off the wall. It sounds unworkable.

You'll need two hands and plenty of concentration to use it. But it might just change everything.

We'll have a live stream of Nintendo's conference at 9am PST, 5pm UK time. Brace yourselves.