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Sony Conference: Highs and Lows. Everything we loved. Everything we hated.

From Jack's PSN apology to the Vita pricepoint, this is our verdict on the PlayStation presser...

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Not being gouged on the PSP Vita price

Okay, we can moan about the straight Dollar/Euro conversion, but at this point that's like complaining that the sea is wet. The big news, and surely big relief, is that Vita won't break the bank. According to those close to Sony the UK price for the Wifi only model is likely to come in at around £223, while by the same maths the Wifi + 3G model will be about £268. That puts it slap bang in the same ballpark as Apple and Nintendo's devices. The system is out 'this holiday', although whether that includes Europe or not isn't clear yet. We also don't know what the deal is with network carriers in the UK. The Americans are locked into AT&T (much to their fury), so it's likely Sony will look for similar - but hopefully more reliable - partners in other territories.


Too many CG trailers

From Starhawk to Sly Raccoon, way too many games are leaning on CG-only footage to sell themselves. As far as we're concerned, CG trailers are little more than moving mood-boards that give you a vague flavour of the game without anything substantial to actually get excited about. The same was true about Insomniac's new game, Overstrike, shown earlier in the day at EA's event. Does anyone really have the slightest idea what it will be like to play? Judging by your comments, you feel the same way about CG trailers, so here's our message to the publishers: show us gameplay or don't bother showing anything at all.


Uncharted 3 and Golden Abyss
Drake cemented his position as Sony's go-to guy with two demos that showcased the brutal power of the machines running them. Simply put: if you find a better looking console game at E3 than Drake's Deception we will eat our HDMI cables like the dogs in Lady and The Tramp slurping on spaghetti. (Yeah, that jetlag's really kicking in now.) Oh, and Chloe and Elena are both confirmed as co-stars. Wouldn't have it any other way. As for the Golden Abyss, it might sound like a startling euphemism, but it was a great showcase for the mix of touch-screen and traditional controls Vita can offer.

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