3DS Virtual Console hides secret Game Boy mode

Did you know...?

Here's a little gem for you 3DS fans, nestled deep within the Virtual Console.

When you boot a game up normally, in the Virtual Console, it'll be full screen and in black and white. If you hold L and R while playing however, then press Y as you hold them, the screen will tint green like it was on the original Game Boy.


Even better, if you hold Start and Select as you load the game from the 3DS Menu, the game will load in its original resolution with a Game Boy border, to make it look like it's playing on an original Game Boy.

Finally, as a final touch of genius, if you turn up the 3D slider while playing with the Game Boy border the screen slides ever so slightly back, just as if it were in a proper Game Boy.

It's one of the best fanboy nods we've ever seen.

Go and have a go now because we're betting by the time Nintendo has wrapped up its E3 conference (starting at 5pm BST today) you'll have a whole lot more to be busying your head with.