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Mass Effect 3: Are these the first multiplayer details?

Rumours start to circulate in LA...

BioWare went against expectations yesterday and didn't announce a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode at the first major press conferences - but the rumours continue to circulate.

According to reports from LA, the BioWare threequel is indeed set to include a "full-fledged multiplayer campaign", news of which will arrive near the end of the year.


Site TBreak claims the game will feature a "Horde-style multiplayer mode," as well as established multiplayer types such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

Up to four players will be able to play co-operatively and choose from up to six different classes, the report claims.

The game will also feature a 'multiplayer store' where players will be able to spend in-game currency on weapon upgrades and other items, the site's "secret source" adds.

There's been much speculation that BioWare might include an online mode for the third game - and job ads suggested as much.

So far the developer's refusing the budge on its stance that Mass Effect 3 will be "a single-player game", however it did confirm one long-running rumour in LA last night; Mass Effect 3 will feature Kinect support.

[ SOURCE: TBreak ]