Wii 2: What we know

All the rumours, reports and official news rounded up ahead of Nintendo's big reveal

The time is nearly upon us. All will be revealed at 5pm BST as far as Nintendo's next console is concerned and it's been something of a journey leading up to this point.

April brought the first real details of a Wii follow up when CVG industry sources tipped the new console to sport an HD controller, a rumour that was quickly backed up by other sites.


That wasn't the only Nintendo gimmick to emerge before time, though. It seemed as though April was the month of Wii 2 madness when our friends over at Edge were told by sources that Nintendo's next console would boast motion-sensing that's 'better than Move'.

Soon after, the first speculative name for the new machine emerged as Project Café. We also got the first rumoured tech specs - slightly more powerful than the 360 was the claim - and more controller details, again backing up our original report.

The controller's also tipped to have eight buttons and twin analogues, which will please the hardcore, and it could have the ability to stream entire games. That's right, entire games on your controller screen.

The first official Wii 2 talk we got was at the end of April (what a month) when Nintendo design legend Miyamoto admitted the new machine was indeed coming.

Nintendo officially confirmed the new console was on the way two days later, saying it would be released in 2012.

Then it was Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata's turn to talk turkey. He confirmed that the Wii 2, whatever it may turn out to be named, wouldn't be ditching buttons in favour of a tablet-style (iPad-like) touch-screen only mechanic.


More information started to flow as rumours claimed the console would have just 8GB of storage, and that it would feature a camera.

Then of course there's that name. We're still in the dark on this one, as Project Café is just a codename (thank God).

If all the reports are true, then, we're expecting the next Nintendo console to do just about everything.